On-field Training by Coaches Across Continents, 2017

We finally came through.

The on-field training by Coaches Across Continents (CAC) pulled off as a great success, both on and off the pitch.

We hosted the CAC team between 17th and 24th of June 2017.

The team included:

  1. Kimaya Cole, a Harvard Student
  2. Nico Pota, Community Impact Coach from Tanzania
  3. Mark Gabriel (Self-Directed Learning Coach with CAC)


We shared the week with 84 community coaches from all over Uganda, and were able to delve on key social issues such as a gender equity, health (HIV/AIDS, hygiene), child abuse and rights, conflict resolution and education.

Throughout the week, the coaches were able to create their own solutions to the varied social challenges.

In one of the games under the Self Directed Learning Modules, the coaches were able to solve one challenge with over 6 different solutions.


We had a good mix of trainees that ranged from male and female teachers, sports and fitness coaches, to social workers. We welcomed trainees from Kapchorwa, Busia and beyond.

During the last days of the training, the trainees were also able to take more charge of the training themselves through various coach-backs and feedback sessions.

Through small focus group discussions, coaches were able to share knowledge about the issues at hand and to come up with exciting reviews from the day’s trainings.


During the week, we were exposed to so many ways through so many games through which football can be used to bring about social impact in our communities.

At the end of a fun-filled week of learning, the coaches were awarded with their certificates of completion. In total, it was 15 hours of training on football for social impact.


This is only our first year of the Hat-Trick Partnership Program with Coaches Across Continents. We look forward to the three years of the partnership with the same excitement that filled us during the week.

Our hope is that the dozens of community coaches that came through to the training can return to their different communities and practice what they learnt throughout the week.