Statement on indiscipline by Rahuma P/S

We want to condemn in the strongest terms possible the manner in which a section of players from Rahuma Primary School acted during the second leg of their semi-final match with Uganda Martyrs Primary School in Bandwe.

The match took place on Sunday 23rd July, 2017 at Bandwe playground.

The match report from the referee read:

Uganda Martyrs'-min

According to the match official:

  1. Game flow was good in the first stanza. Half-time scores: 1-1 Uganda Martyrs’ goal scored by Wamusi Jerome while Rahuma’s goal was scored by Mubiru Hassan.
  2. After resumption of the 2nd half Uganda Martyrs found the net through Swabir Batambuze tilting the score into Uganda Martyrs’ favour (1-2) Agg:(2-3).
  3.  With 10 minutes still to be played a Uganda Martyrs player Wamusi Jerome was elbowed by Kabuye Beckham of Rahuma who was then Red carded. Meanwhile, the referee signaled that the medical team of Uganda Martyrs should come and attend to their injured player. One Coach of Uganda Martyrs ran to the pitch to see/treat the injured player.
  4. Within a flash of a second Rahuma players entered the nearby thicket and came back with sticks. They chased around some players and officials of Uganda Martyrs attempting to beat them, but fortunately no one was hurt. The situation was calmed down after different people got involved to talk to the Rahuma players but Kintu Rashid refused to put down the stick.
  5. Meanwhile, Uganda Martyrs players remained on pitch. The referee was told by match official to complete the game after calmness had been restored, but he declined to do so. He reasoned that there wasn’t enough security for him and players to continue the game. The match official informed all teams officials about the same and afterwards the referee wrote his report which he gave me.
  6. This game had lots of tension from the first leg where players wanted to fight after the game.
  7. The coach of Rahuma can’t control his Players and they display a lot of indiscipline. A case in point in this 2nd leg when Rahuma scored Mubiru Rashid went and celebrated in front of Uganda Martyrs coaches showing them a sign to keep quiet. During that very celebration Kavuma Garvin ran around in encircling the Uganda Martyrs coach Mr. Ntege Herbert.
  8. Rahuma complained that Uganda Martyrs coach Dauda slapped their player, which was not true.
  9. Rahuma claim that before Uganda Martyrs scored their second goal, the ball had been out of the pitch which the referee didn’t notice. This was due to their negligence after refusing to mark the pitch clearly and properly. The referee had also initially warned them about the same, but their coach adamantly refused to make clearer lines.
  10. The Uganda Martyrs players were very composed and didn’t make any kind of retaliation in this game in regards to the instances.


Accordingly, Rahuma loses the match by forfeiture. Therefore, Uganda Martyrs  is awarded three (3) points and three (3) goals, and thus progresses to the finals. In addition, Rahuma as a school is hereby banned from the league for one year for bringing the league into disrepute.

The players Mubiru Hassan and Kintu Rashid are banned for two matches of the next Watoto Wasoka Primary Schools League. Kavuma Garvin is banned from for one game in the league.

Uganda Martyrs coaches/officials are also cautioned to desist from going straight to the pitch when an incident happens. They should get medical personel to handle that work of treating players.


In the other semi-final, ABC Divine drew God Wins 0-0 in Natete. Thus ABC Divine proceeds to the finals on away goals rule after the first leg ended 1-1.


The finals will be played on 26th August, 2017.