Girls’ Gala 2017



On Saturday 29th July, 2017 as the early morning mist and dew was paving way for the bright sunrise, we were also opening our eyes for yet a brand new day. This was the awaited day on which the preliminary rounds of the Watoto Wasoka Primary Girls’ gala had been scheduled.

By 9am girls’ football teams from various schools plus academies had started arriving, and one by one they made their way to Busega – Yanga playground where they had come to compete for glory and enjoy the beautiful game.

Meanwhile registration of the teams by the volunteers of tourney organizer’s Watoto Wasoka was also commencing on basis of first come first serve. By 10am six girls’ teams from both primary schools and academies had confirmed their participation bringing together a total of 108 girls and 12 coaches. The teams included Grapa primary school, Arrows Academy A, Katuuso Academy, Jolly primary school, Rays of Grace and Arrows Academy B.

IMG-20170729-WA0037       IMG-20170729-WA0012


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The team officials immediately convened for a briefing meeting, where they were addressed by Watoto Wasoka volunteers’ about the tournament program, engagement rules, and prizes at stake. Afterwards screening of players was done by both coaches and organisers.

At exactly 11:15 am, the whistle for the kick off match was blown and the game was played by Arrows Academy B against Rays of grace and it ended one nil in favour of Arrows academy B.

As the games progressed, the clouds started producing threatening sounds and it wasn’t so long when they let loose for nature’s call as the drizzles started dropping and later serious rainfall. But this couldn’t deter the girls’ from kicking the ball with zeal and passion, though when the storms intensified the referee had to stop the game between Jolly primary school and Arrows Academy B. Later, after it had reduced games would continue.  Sooner than later, the rains stopped and the flow was no longer hampered by the running water.

With each passing game it became more intense, as only two teams would progress to the semifinals. There were the two groups each with three teams competing for the two slots. By the end of the group stage games 240 minutes of football had been played and 19 goals had been scored.

In group A; Grapa Primary School and Katuuso Academy advanced to the semifinals as group winner and second respectively, while Arrows Academy A were group winners for group B and Jolly primary school advanced as runners up.

Semifinals were now set and it was the girls’ zeal taking center stage.

In the first semi Arrows played against Katuuso and Arrows won the game two nil making it to the finals of the first edition of Watoto Wasoka Girls’ gala.

The second semifinal was also highly contested between Grapa primary school and Jolly primary school. This was a battle of survival for the fittest, two extremely good side were locking horns and tussling it out for a slot in the grand finale. The contest ended goalless in normal time and since the tourney was devoid of extra time, this contest was to be decided by post match penalties. Jolly primary school emerged victorious from the spot kicks with 3-2 score and they made it to the finals.

It is now therefore confirmed and on record that Arrows Academy will play against Jolly Primary School in the finale. The finals are scheduled to take place on the 26th August, 2017at Uganda Martyr’s playground alongside the Primary schools’ league grand finale.

In the boys’ final, Uganda Martyrs will play against ABC Divine Foundation the defending champions after winning the inaugural league last year.

Young girls’ exhibited immense skills, talent and passion for the game from the start up to the end of the day. They braved the rains and enjoyed the beautiful game, which had brought them to Yanga playground from far and near.


330­– Total number of minutes played in the tourney

240 – Minutes played in the group stages

108 – Number of girl participants in the tourney

19 – Goals scored in the group stages

12 – Coaches/Instructors of teams

6 – Volunteers present

5 – Top scorer ( Nagadya Joan – Grapa primary school)

2 – Goals scored in the semifinals