Open Call – Volunteers!!

So the Christmas Camp is here, and 2.500 kids are looking forward to a week of fun, football and learning. From 28.12.2017 till 03.01.2018, we will be in Mityana at Royal Giant High School with the kids from all over Uganda.

To achieve the success of this week, we cannot do this alone. We need more hands and brains. We need volunteers! At least 20 places are available for enthusiastic individuals who can offer their time and energy for the success of this week.

We will need volunteers to help coordinate:

  • Arrivals

Set up and coordinate the welcome and info desk for more than 100 teams from all over Uganda. Register and keep track of every kid that comes in to the camp

  • Accommodation

Ensure that each and every one that comes to the camp has a place to sleep. Allocate teams’ sleeping spaces in dormitories and classrooms.

  • Screening

Help the screening team in measuring and calculating kids’ units to determine eligible / ineligible players. Assist with the licensing of the eligible players.

  • Feeding

Help to coordinate the feeding of the camp participants. Ensure that all the 3.000 participants access three meals every day – breakfast (porridge), lunch and dinner.

  • Fixtures

Draw and coordinate fixtures for games during the camp week. Make sure all the team leaders are aware of their game times, venues and related schedules. Make sure that all games are played as scheduled.

  • Logistics

Help in coordinating what is required, where it is required and how it arrives where it is required J

Help each member of the volunteers team to have what they need when they need it J

  • Cleanliness

Ensure that general cleanliness is maintained through morning clean-ups of residences and school compounds. Follow up on regular cleaning of toilet and washroom facilities

  • Football 4 WASH

Coordinate the activities of the daily Football 4 WASH workshops for all the camp participants to ensure that the workshops are well attended and drive impact to the participants

  • M&E

Set up and run a framework to collect data from camp participants, to help make meaning of the success level of the camp, and to also collect learning points for the next camps.

  • Photography and videography

May be you’re a professional, or non-professional photographer / videographer. Capture moments of the camp from games to everything in photo/video, but still mindful of the participants’ consent and emotions.


And also, you need to be ready to play for our officials’ team against the coaches on the 02.01.2018!