Thank you for supporting the Christmas Camp 2017/18

We camped, we played, we feasted and we made friends and we won !

One week of football, a week with 2.100 kids from all over Uganda. 

This was the 6th edition of the Christmas Camp, and we had it in Mityana.

We would like to thank you all for the support we received before and during the organisation of the camp week.

We would like to thank all the 120 coaches who brought the kids to the camp; we would like to thank the kids too. You are the biggest reason we do this. We had a great tine time together, and we look forward to the next camp with as much eagerness.

We would like to thank Royal Giant High School, Mityana. Thank you for hosting us and for ensuring we had such a great week.

We would like to thank every single individual who volunteered their time during the camp week. You, volunteers, are the heartbeat of the camp. You woke up earliest and slept latest all in the name of ensuring the camp goes well. And it did!

We would like to thank each and every one who donated to the camp through raffles, campaigns, bags &calendar sales.

  • Thank you Viva con Agua for always supporting the Football 4 WASH initiative
  • Thank you Emma, and The Lens Foundation &Malaika Media for coming through to capture the moments behind your amazing lenses.
  • Thank you Sam Hyatt and to Photographers Without Borders, for accepting to come with us for a week and take some nice shots too.
  • Thank you Lise-Lotte, Derrick and to your lovely family &friends in Sweden
  • Thank you Andrew Timothy Kanagy, and to your lovely family &friends. Thank you to PUR International too for running such a successful fundraising campaign.
  • Thank you Kathrin Kaestle and your family. We are grateful for your contribution and for passing by during the camp.
  • Thank you Daniel Schultz, Hamlet and everyone at Elgon Hydro Siti (PVT) Ltd. Your contributions are invaluable.
  • Thank you Ryan Glenn Anderson, and to everyone at MultiConsult Group / REAS for the raffle
  • Thank you Sheila Migereko for donating for the rice, you made our New Year’s feast
  • Thank you Rene, Saumya and your amazing friends and families. We are always grateful for your contribution and passion to the organisation in general
  • Thank you everyone who bought a bag / calendar. You can still buy yours by ordering now through


Some of the highlights from the camp:

  • 2,100 boys from all over Uganda
  • 100 girls came to the third girls’ camp
  • 120 coaches
  • 2,000 Kgs of corn flour, 650 Kgs of beans, 200 kgs of rice
  • 168 hours of fun
  • 215 football games, 144 hours of football played
  • 144 winners/runners up decorated with medals
  • 100 footballs given out

We made it because you made it possible.

Thank you everyone! Mwebale nyo. Asante sana. Danke Schon. Tusen takk. Tack sa mycket. Merci beaucoup!