Football 4 WASH Challenge

When we started the Football 4 WASH programme with our partners Viva con Agua, the aim was to reach out to over 5,000 kids in Uganda. To these, we sought to bring vital health education on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) through exciting football exercises called ‘drills’.

In March 2018, we trained over 60 male and female teachers from over 30 schools in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono. We then followed up with monitoring and evaluation (M&E) visits to the schools in April, June and July 2018.

After the visits, we were able to invite the best 16 schools to what we called the Football 4 WASH Challenge. This took place on Friday 27th July 2018 at Mengo Primary School.

This challenge could not have been possible without the support of our partner Viva Con Agua. The tourney was a climax of the F4W Schools’ program which commenced in March with a teachers’ training and two phases of monitoring and evaluation in April and June by Watoto Wasoka and Viva Con Agua.

Throughout these previous five months the trained and hygiene teachers were implementing F4W drills to promote sanitation in schools and amongst the children through football.

A total 16 out 33 schools after the M&E had been selected to take part in the F4W Challenge tournament. This brought together a total of 320 pupils (160 girls & boys apiece) and 32 teachers for the tourney.

The following schools participated in the F4W challenge tournament;

  1. Bugolo Junior School, Lungujja
  2. Busega Primary School, Lubaga
  3. Godwins Primary School, Kalerwe
  4. Good Samaritan Primary School, Mulago
  5. Katwe United Primary School, Katwe
  6. Kibuli Demonstration Primary School, Kibuli
  7. Mengo Primary School, Mengo
  8. Moonlight Junior School, Wankulukuku
  9. Mulago School for the Deaf, Mulago
  10. Kiro Ndeeba Primary School, Ndeeba
  11. Ndejje Quality School, Lubugumu
  12. Star Primary School, Namasuba
  13. Agnes Junior School, Salaama rd
  14. Paul’s Primary School, Nsambya
  15. Qatar Primary School, Mukono
  16. Wisdom Primary School, Lugala


The tournament activities mainly focused on Football 4 WASH drills with the concepts of toilet hygiene, hand washing and protecting the water sources with the purpose educating pupils on safe ways of keeping the toilet clean, proper hand washing practices and safe drinking water.


All schools arrived in time as expected from 8:00 – 8:30am. Teachers were briefed about how the event was going to run and detailed program was provided to them.

Children assembled were informed about the series of games in which they would participate and compete.

Schools were drawn into four groups/pools i.e A, B, C, and D with each group having four schools as shown below.

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
St. Agnes Mengo St. Paul Good Samaritan
Bugolo Junior Wisdom Katwe Moon Light
Godwins Kiro Ndeeba Kibuli Mulago
Star Primary Busega Qatar Ndejje

The schools competed using these very groups for protecting the water source and musical toilets.

Protect the water source

This game was modified a bit to suit and bring out the element of competition. Each team was required to present six participants for this game with 3 boys and 3 girls.

There were 2 goals which acted as water sources. Each of the two competing teams at a time was required to protect its goal against contamination by the ball.

Every game lasted 5 minutes followed by questions about water sources and safe drinking water.

Can I see the germ.

In this game teams were randomly drawn to face off in a single tie. Two teams each with lines of 10 players (5 girls and 5 boys) face each other. One team is given a stone/rock, the other team close their eyes. After 30 seconds, they open their eyes and guess who has the rock in the other team.

Lunch break

During the lunch break as the pupils feasted on their meals, the teachers were briefed by SPOUTS Ltd on how to use the Water purifiers. Each of the 16 schools which made it to the WASH Challenge tournament received 3 safe drinking water filters and 3 hand washing facilities courtesy of Viva Con Agua. SPOUTS would deliver these facilities to the schools the following week.

Toilet hygiene

In this particular activity each school present four participants to compete in this drill and learn about the best toilet use practices.

The concept here was that ball represents faeces. A to B represents our community. B to C represents going to the toilet. Keep it up until you get to the toilet and avoid open defecation. At C, aim for the target. Put your faeces in the toilet. Clean yourself after the toilet and wash your hands with running water and soap.

Musical toilets

We had a round of 4 teams with 2 representatives from each school as per the groups. Music played as they danced around the toilet, react by finding the toilet when the music stops. The pupils would squat on toilet in the right way.


All the 16 schools were awarded with certificates of participation and they received 3 water filters and 3 hand washing facilities which were delivered by SPOUTS Ltd and Viva Con Agua. This ensured that the children have access to safe drinking water and to practice good hand washing practices.

The following schools emerged victorious in this order;

  1. Qatar Primary School, Mukono
  2. Kiro Ndeeba Primary School, Ndeeba
  3. Godwins Primary School, Kalerwe

These schools shall receive WASH facilities of their choice or necessity following a meeting at Viva Con Agua – Uganda offices slated for 30th July, 2018.

All teams departed to their respective destinations at 4:30pm.