Watoto Wasoka – football made in slums, is a local NGO based in the heart of Kampala’s biggest slums. We are a non-profit, community – led youth development organization which uses soccer as a vehicle for positive change in the life of slum children in Uganda. The organization aims to promote street and slum kids through their love for football, and tries to provide them with an alternative to street life for a better future perspective. We offer shelter, education, and school support.

We empower, mobilize, and educate slum kids and girls through football. To these kids, and girls; we offer football and health education, social support and mediation.

Upon realization of our first model centre, we intend to include health services & job training for those, who do not obtain scholarships.


To create meaningful play in a safe environment


To change the life of children in the slums of Uganda through promoting their love for football


To increase access to educational opportunities through educational scholarships and bursaries and access to medical facilities and information


Mobilize &sensitize youths about the value of talents and help them develop their full potential

Involved with Watoto since 2009

Accessed education sports scholarships

Under direct contact through Sparta 09 Kampala

 Organizational Values

  1. Sportsmanship and Fair play
  2. Integrity
  3. Excellence
  4. People development
  5. Respect

Why Football?

  • Football is the most popular sport in Uganda and attracts many kids
  • Most easily accessible sport for slum / street kids
  • Number 1 used sport for giving out bursaries and scholarships
  • It is a team sport that the slum/ street kids can identify with
  • No other sport in the country gives out more bursaries and scholarships
  • Our resource….it’s cheap! Most easily accessible sport for slum / street kids: Football is played everywhere!

Success stories

  1. Over 6,000 kids and girls have been involved with Watoto Wasoka since 2009
  2. Over 350 slum kids and girls have accessed education through sports scholarships
  3. Over 100 kids currently under direct contact with Watoto Wasoka through Sparta 09 Kampala
  4. The famous annual Slums Derby with 50 teams from all slums in Kampala
  5. The annual Christmas camp with more than 1,800 kids from throughout the country
  6. Annual Primary Schools League with more than 200 kids
  7. The integration of girls’ football into mainstream programs
  8. Today, we are proud to maintain a database and associate with over 150 junior soccer coaches.
  9. Sparta Kampala is now a fully – fledged football club; both senior team &junior teams and a girls’ team
  10. We are proud to associate with Kizito Keziron, a Ugandan national team player. Between 2010 and 2013, Kizito was under our soccer club – Sparta 09 Kampala. Today, he boasts of a dozen of national team caps and still counting, and is a great inspuration to many kids still under the project.
  11. Lumala Abdu (alias Ssali Charles), plays for FF Kalmar in the Swedish top flight. Lumala was with Watoto Wasoka and Sparta 09 Kampala for 10 years (2002 to 2013). Waiswa Moses, Derrick Ddungu, Nsubuga Faswiha are the others doing football try – outs with other top clubs in Sweden, all who have been with Watoto Wasoka/Sparta 09 Kampala for over a decade.