Get Involved

Do you just want to see what, and how, we do our work, or you want to get involved – hands-on? You can get involved as a volunteer in various Watoto Wasoka initiatives either as an individual or team. 

How you can volunteer;

  • Officiate at WATOTO WASOKA events/tournaments
  • Take part in the training sessions with our Sparta 09 teams
  • Play football with our WATOTO WASOKA teams
  • Social work including community outreach and engagement

Are you currently in Kampala, Uganda or planning on coming here and want to do some voluntary work? Are you a hobby or professional footballer or coach and would like to kick the ball with our kids in a Friendly or offer some training? You are a social worker or a teacher and would like to work with the local community and slums children or help us organize awareness campaigns? You are a computer scientist, an artist, a carpenter, a medical worker, a student…. and would like offer courses or workshops to our children? You are a tourist or backpacker passing by Kampala during the time of one our Events and would like to get engaged during the organization stage and/or in carrying it out?