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Watoto Wasoka History

– History

In 2009, a German football fanatic and social worker (Alex Hombrink), a Ugandan/German couple of social/community workers (Sonja &Moses Lugoloobi) and a youth soccer coach (Patrick Sonko) met at the KAJUFA soccer camp in Masuliita.

The meeting was catalysed by a shared passion for football, and an exchange of cultures. The fruits of the meeting included the renaming of The Reds F.A to K.S. Sparta 09, and the birth of Watoto Wasoka Foundation. The gist of the meeting was a shared aspiration to groom youthful soccer talents to stardom with particular emphasis on vulnerable and slum kids and bridging the kids’ access to educational opportunities.

In 2011, we co-hosted our first ever soccer camp under the umbrella association Uganda Kids Soccer Support Scheme (U-KISSS) that was also chaired by Ibrahim Nsereko in Bombo.

In 2012, Sparta 09 was registered for the 2012 KCDFA fifth division league, qualifying for the 2013 fourth division league.

In May 2013, we organized our first Slums Derby in Kisenyi. It was this event that ushered in Rene Meyer to our ranks. In the same year, Francis assumed executive role of the Ugandan WATOTO WASOKA after founders Alex, Moses &Sonja had moved to Germany to set up WATOTO WASOKA German.

At the end of 2013, we organized our second soccer camp at Lords Meade – Jinja, from 28th December to 3rd January 2014.

In May 2014, we organized our second Slums Derby in Mulago, and later that year, we followed it up with the soccer camp in Wakiso.

In May 2015, we organized and hosted the third edition of the Slums Derby in Busega.




Currently, we offer regular free training to dozens of boys and girls, host tournaments and camps welcoming thousands of children from across the country and constantly widening our cooperation network with other institutions and organizations.

Our internal soccer teams of Sparta 09 are our pride and the most successful matchmaker for the future of our kids. Under the patronage of Watoto Wasoka, Sparta 09 entertains a senior team, a junior team and an array of age group teams ranging from U10 to U17. Since 2014, we also proudly host an equally strong girls’ side – Sparta 09 Ladies.

We aim, and have succeeded – in presenting our teams in several major tournaments and leagues to representatives of primary and secondary schools with the authority to offer sport scholarships. By this, until today Watoto Wasoka has managed to facilitate access to education for more than 200 kids, offering them prospects that would otherwise have been forsaken for them.

The Sparta 09 teams however are just one pillar of our broader strategy and methodology. Through dedicated events, most prominently our annual WATOTO WASOKA SLUMS DERBY and WATOTO WASOKA FOOTBALL CAMP we call together kids in Kampala and beyond to join us not only for the joy of play of playing football, but more importantly as reach out to the kids and communities in the slums and villages. Our highlight in terms of turnout has been the 2014 Football Camp, for which more than 1,500 kids joined us for six days. We aim at integrating the best talents into our teams, offering them the path to further educational, career and personal development.

Today we offer regular free training to dozens of boys and girls, host tournaments and camps welcoming thousands of children from across the country and constantly widen our cooperation network with other institutions and organizations.

Finally, there are our dreams and plans about the next stage of our organization´s development: The Football Center and presence in all slums of Kampala. Our overarching goal is to bring the benefits of WATOTO WASOKA to more kids in need. We believe that our organization, together with partners and independent trained individuals, could facilitate services of key importance for many kids and the surrounding communities. In our center and offices, we will provide (besides football and play)

• Education services (homework support, special lessons (IT), vocational training)
• Career guidance
• Health and sex education
• “Classic” social work for slum kids, family mediation
• Safe harbor and social hub to slum kids and support character building
• Our three-pillar concept can be summarized visually as follows