What We Do

Community Outreach

As a locally based Non Profit the close work with the local community is a fundamental part of our work.

It is important for us to involve and support the children’s families and homes, so as to monitor the progress and desired impact on the children’s life.

In order to sensitize the community about the situation of Street Children and the daily challenges they face, we exchange knowledge and experiences with other local organizations and always seek opportunities to cooperate with different Non Profits in the community.


Free Training

In order to further promote the often inherent football talent and to engage street children in an activity off the streets, we offer regular free and open trainings.

Our voluntary Coaches all have long time experiences in training children from slums and focus – besides of boosting football skills – on imparting social values, strengthening the children’s self-esteem and supporting them in their professional and personal growth.

Psycho-Social Support

Street Children live in difficult circumstances and are constantly at risk of indigence and exploitation. Our aim is to (re-)integrate the children into school and society – by creating a platform and a network that enables them to receive scholarships, but also by supporting them in (re-)developing creative and social behaviors, self-confidence and trust in a better future perpective.

To achieve that we furthermore work closely with the children’s families and caretakers.  During house calls we sensitize them for the importance of education, as well as for the necessary conditions and the needs of their children.


Tournaments And Camps

It is our overall objective to initiate access to the local school system for Street Children. It is therefore elementary for us to expose the Children to a wide audience composed of talent scouts, school employees and other community members that are willing to support a Child by giving out scholarships or bursaries or assist them privately to meet the school fees.

Thus we established our internal Football Team comprised of several age categories. Under the name “Sparta Kampala 09” (in honour of our sister club “Sparta Nordhorn” in Germany) we enrol our teams in several local leagues and participate in various tournaments.

Furthermore, we organize and host annual events like the Grand Slum Derby and the Christmas Soccer Camp to which we welcome over 1000 Children coming with their teams from different slum areas from across the country.